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About the exhibition
The exhibition features more than three dozen works of art acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston over the past 10 years. The exhibition covers six decades of artistic expression of artists.

The exhibition expresses the attitude of artists to the social and political realities of everyday life.
«Between game and grief»Includes works by Amalie Mesa-Baines, Antonio Bernie, Juan Carlos Distefano, Alberto Heredias, Luis Jiménez, Romulo Macchio, Cesar Augusto Martínez, Mondongo, Cilia Alvarez Muñoz, Luis Felipe Noé, Marcos Venez, Marcos Résos, Valésen Alves, Muñoz, Luis Felipe Noë, Marcos Venez, Marcos Resas, Valésen Valérés Muñoz, Luís Felipe Noë, Marcos Venez, Marcos Resas Jorge de la Vega.
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